Fast Hole EDM Drilling

RTC now offers Fast Hole EDM drilling for production work! While these machines work much faster than conventional ram EDM drilling (because they are specifically designed for drilling purposes), they maintain the same basic ram EDM principles. A spark jumps across a gap and erodes the work piece material. This process allows us to drill 3D shaped cavities, as well as keep extremely tight tolerances through up to 8 inches of material. Holes can be drilled in any electrically conductive material, including carbide. Fast Hole EDM drilling is specifically used for putting burr free holes in turbine blades, fuel injectors, cutting tool coolant holes, hardened punch ejector holes, plastic mould vent holes, wire-EDM starter holes and other operations.

RTC’s use of the most cutting-edge EDM Drilling technology provides our customers with a wide variety of services and production capabilities. Our recent acquirement of this exciting new technology is thanks in part to our partnership with TEK5-USA.

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