Model 40 Prepregger

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For more information regarding RTC’s Model 40 Prepregger, please contact us or request a quote.


  • Weight – 1000lbs.
  • Height – 5’
  • Floor Space – 4’x6’


  • 120 VAC 60 cycle single phase 30 AMP

Hot melt prepregging of filaments, fibers, yarns or tows with all resins sufficiently stable to be heated to temperatures to allow a viscosity of 85,000 centipoise to be achieved in the melt pot.

Room temperature to 450°C (± 1°C)

Resin content variation
(±.5%) Across 12” broad goods

Prepreg Broad Goods Size
1’x6’ (30cm x 185cm)

Prepreg Speed
0 to 66 linear feet/minute

Standard Features

  • Three separately controlled heating zones
  • Unique positive mechanical prepregger procedure
  • Fixed die orifice to control tape dimensions
  • Independent drum speed and tape traverse speeds
  • Constant speed and feed control with digital read-outs
  • Electronic controllable tensioning
  • Easy die change to accommodate new fibers or resin content changes

Optional Features

  • In line heat precleaning and coupling agent application
  • Fiber tension read-out
  • TV camera and monitor with 2x lens
  • Four spool fiber holder
  • Vacuum shielding system
  • Machine set-up and training at your facility
  • Fully automatic constant tension fiber stand with digital read-out